Tenet Health, Cal Poly Students Partner to Develop €Śgame-Changing” Medical Innovations

"They have come up with some really great ideas that I think really will change healthcare," says the director of women and children's services at a medical center on California's Central Coast.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune reports on the work of biomedical engineering students at California Polytechnic State University, who've spent the past two years at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center as part of a clinical immersion program created by Tenet Health Central Coast and the Cal Poly Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Among the projects they've worked on: a blood-clot-detecting device that would use a strap and vibration motor to detect clots before they form, as well as a blood-loss monitoring device that could be used during and after childbirth.

"You're not accounting for that blood in real-time," says McKinna Lee, a Cal Poly student who worked on the blood loss device while at the hospital for a C-section birth.

"Our first one was literally a DIVA Cup, some duct tape, and some tubing that we found, which is still super viable and proof of conception, but to see what they made was so incredible," she says.

Another student worked on a device that would use ultrasound to determine if a patient is at risk of a blood

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