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Project Management Software for Nonprofits Market Analysis &Amp; Forecast for Next 5 Years

Project management software is used in nonprofit organizations to manage the entire project from planning, resource allocation, and scheduling to managing different aspects. The software helps...more

Examining The Social Roots Of Startup Failures

If you're a startup founder, it's likely you've seen the numbers: Only 1% of startups become "unicorns" like Uber, Airbnb, Slack, and Docker, and only 18% of first-time founders make it through...more

Top 10 NGOs In India In 2022

Theres a reason Forbes calls Indias top 10 NGOs "phenomenally wellfunded," and its all about giving back. The list is based on the countrys Ministry of Corporate Affairs criteria for corporate...more

Nonprofit Wish List 2022

"No more lives torn apart," "That wars would never start," and "a lifelong wish for a world in need" are just a few of the lyrics to David Foster's "Grown-Up Christmas List," and they're ringing true...more

Nonprofit Finance Fund Names Georgette Wong as Board Chair
Foundation: Gates Foundation

The nation's first black board chair is stepping down after nine years at the helm of the nonprofit that she helped found, the Boston Globe reports. "I'm thrilled to leave the Board in such...more

Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley awards $130000 to local nonprofits
Foundation: Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley

The Community Foundations of the Hudson announced Friday it has awarded $130,000 to nonprofits across Ulster, Dutchess, and Putnam counties. The program invests in local non-profits with general...more

Nonprofit Strikes Deal In EEOC Sex Harassment Probe

A South Dakota social services agency has agreed to pay $320,000 after an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigation found that the organization failed to stop its executive director from...more

Donor-Advised Fund Researchers Seeking Data
Foundation: Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is giving $750,000 to a group of researchers to figure out how Americans use donor-advised funds. A press release explains that DAFs, or donor-advised funds,...more

Why "What comes to mind anytime this company called NSITF (National Social Insurance Trust Fund in Nigeria Must Be Repositioned As Social Insurance

"What comes to mind anytime this company called NSITF (National Social Insurance Trust Fund) comes up in the news? Fraud." That's what a businessman in Nigeria has to say about the country's social...more

ADL Will Take Over A Jewish Investment Fund To Fight BDS

The Anti-Defamation League is making its latest move against what it calls "antisemitic pressures" against Israel: It's acquiring the JLens Investor Network, a nonprofit that offers socially...more

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Flora Stationery, a company that sells journal notebooks donning original artwork painted by a Kosovo art student, is helping young women in Kosovo by having 45 percent of its profits pay for scholarships.

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